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“I hope that more people come through to learn to play the djembe. It's a lot of fun, and I think it got me a bit more into tune with Ghana… 'Drum n' surf' holidays… the future.”
Jon Khoo

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“Akwabaa” from Black Star Surf Shop, the one and ONLY Ghana surf shop. If you are surfing in Ghana, Black Star offers over 30 long and short board rentals, surf lessons as well as beach and surfing accessories.

We are also proud of being a community-based surf shop with local ownership and community involvement.These things are important to us. The surf shop is located at Busua Beach, one of the most beautiful and accessible beaches in Ghana. Busua Beach also happens to have some great surfing and no crowds! The Black Star Surf Shop sits on this mile-long beach within walking or paddling distance to beach of breaks varying size and difficulty, a right point break and a reef island break.

Busua Beach

Ghana surfing at its best! Black Star Surf Shop is strategically located where the waves are blocked by a reef island, making them a bit smaller and less powerful and creating an awesome spot to learn to surf, for beginners, or someone who just hasn’t surfed in a while!

Ghana Coast Surfing Map

Surfing in Ghana means you can explore the many excellent surf spots, ranging from beginner and intermediate to expert, in the nearby villages of Dixcove, Akwidaa, Cape Three Points, Prince’s Town, Prince’s Town, and Mutrakni Point. All are within 12 miles of Busua and accessible by road or traveling up the coast in a modified traditional Ghanaian fishing boat.

A Guaranteed Adventure

Peter Nardini, co-owner of Black Star Surf Shop in Ghana, started with the idea of providing information and board rentals for surfers and to give the curious and brave the opportunity to get lessons and learn to surf. Contact us today at info@blackstarsurfshop.com.

We offer a wide range of services, surfing equipment, and accessories at Black Star Surf Shop. The shop is stocked with surfing accessories such as surf wax, ding repair kits, leashes and beach items like Black Star T-shirts, board shorts, rashguards, sun tan lotions and blocks, sun glasses, and much much more! You can also depend on us for:

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