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Understanding Executive Training Methodologies

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Generally speaking there are 3 classifications of executive coaching: behavioral change training, personal productivity coaching, and 'energy' training.

In this short article we will very quickly outline each of these coaching styles as well as discuss the advantages that come from the behavioral training approach, so readers can more completely comprehend what behavioural training is, and why it is likely the best executive coaching technique on offer for professional executives seeking advanced performance in their capacity to advance the results of the teams and divisions they lead.

Personal productivity coaching: Personal productivity training has to do with examining sectors of efficiency, proficiency and also personal production, essentially, it's about enabling executives to do more by prioritising a whole lot better, getting the utmost from technology, obtaining clarity on their goals and so forth, so the spotlight is on the executive.

15 Enjoyable Team Building Recommendations

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Team Building is always one of the most enjoyable events to attend. It is an activity wherein a team will have a better working relationship. It should never be a boring activity. Make sure to plan games that everyone will definitely enjoy. With this, below are some suggestions for fun team building games.

1. The Birthday Line-up

This game requires the knowledge of each member's birthday. Each member should attempt to arrange themselves according to the date of their birthdays without talking. This is surely one of the most suggested fun team building activities for your team.

2. Group Juggle

The two teams will throw juggling balls to one another.

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